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Mayra's Bridal Pink

  • $37.00
Bundle of 10 stems

Introducing a frothy cream-peach rose, adorned with delicate apricot tones and an ethereal, light petal bloom. This exquisite variety exudes an airiness that captivates the senses. Its petals gracefully unfurl, creating a soft and enchanting presence. Adding to its allure, this delicate rose emits a medium scent, reminiscent of myrrh and aniseed. The combination of its delicate hues and gentle fragrance makes it a truly refined choice for those seeking a touch of elegance in their floral arrangements.

Colour: Peachy Pink
Average Bud Size: Medium
Scent Intensity: Mild
Vase Life: Up to 4 days 

Designed for wholesale distribution by the grower, including leaves and thorns. Due to unpredictable air freight conditions, buyers should anticipate a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage upon purchase. Conditioning is required upon receipt.