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Princess Roses Were Bred for the Emperor of Japan : Unparalleled Beauty and Mesmerising Scents

Indulge in the enchantment of the Princess Collection, a regal line of garden roses bred exclusively for the Emperor of Japan. These extraordinary roses, renowned for their unique shapes, captivating colours, and enticing fragrances, are a true testament to unparalleled beauty. At Daily Flower Market, we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to work with these majestic roses, adding a touch of royalty to your floral arrangements and events.

Princess Aiko 'Beloved One'

 Princess Aiko
  • Radiating a salmon pink hue with a peony shape, Princess Aiko—also known as 'Beloved One'—imbues any space with vibrant splendour. Named after a Japanese Princess, this rose symbolises love and respect, captivating both the eye and the heart.

Princess Hitomi 'Beautiful History'

 Princess Hitomi
  • Embrace the delicate allure of Princess Hitomi. With its captivating fragrance of lavender and a pure, cotton-candy pink color, this medium to large rose creates a harmonious blend of sophistication and youthful charm. The layered petals and starry points make it a true standout.

Princess Kishi 'Long and Happy Life'

 Princess Kishi
  • Exuding elegance and charm, Princess Kishi boasts a deep cherry red shade with mesmerising magenta undertones. As this strong variety blooms, it reveals a striking contrast with its chartreuse green center.

Princess Maya 'Night Rain'

  • Intrigue the senses with the pure light peach beauty of Princess Maya. This medium-sized rose showcases outer petals that curl under in starry points, while the inner petals form elaborate folds. Its delightful fragrance and versatility make it an excellent choice for wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets.

Princess Meiko

Princess Meiko 
  • Be enchanted by the rounded, layered petals of Princess Meiko, reminiscent of a blooming camellia. With vivid pink hues that spread throughout the entire blossom, this rose radiates joy and perfectly complements hot-hued palettes or pairs beautifully with pink-tinted white flowers.

Princess Miyuki 'First Snow'

Princess Miyuki 
  • Snowy White Elegance Princess Miyuki epitomises snowy white elegance. Its high-centered blooms, reminiscent of first snowfall, enchant with a romantic myrrh fragrance—rich, warm, and sweet with a hint of spice. Embrace the rarity of this pure white rose that captivates with its delicate beauty and enticing scent.

Princess Sakura 'Cherry Blossom'

Princess Sakura 
  • Peony-Like Peachy Pink Delight Capturing the essence of the Japanese sakura flower, Princess Sakura exhibits a peony-like bloom with soft peachy pink tones. The gradation of colour, from almost white to warm peach hues, evokes the serene beauty of cherry blossoms. This rose harmonises beautifully with popular peachy-guava colour palettes.

Princess Suki 'Loved One'

 Princess Suki
  • Eye-Catching Cabbage-Shaped Wonder Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Princess Suki, an eye-catching cabbage-shaped garden rose. With its charming coloured interior and pale yellow exterior, this rose exhibits overlapping petals that create a distinctly spherical shape. Symbolising a loved one, Princess Suki is a true showstopper.

Princess Kaori

 Princess Kaori
  • Embrace the extraordinary beauty of Princess Kaori, adorned in a bluish medium lavender shade. This rose's unique colour, paired with its sweet and subtle scent, exudes a sense of opulence and delicate charm. The subtle white margins on the outer petals add definition to its captivating form.

Experience the allure of the Princess Collection, where unparalleled beauty and mesmerising scents come together in harmonious splendour. At Daily Flower Market, we invite you to explore these extraordinary roses, each carefully bred for their regal appeal. Bring the elegance of royalty to your floral arrangements, events, and cherished moments with the enchanting roses from the Princess Collection.