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Princess Sakura

Bundle: 10 Stems
  • $44.00

Princess Sakura, the embodiment of Cherry Blossom in the language of flowers, is an awe-inspiring garden rose from Japan, a true botanical masterpiece that reveals nature's exquisite craftsmanship in its fullest bloom. Every fragile petal, delicately touched by blush peach shades, unveils a captivating symphony of gentle peach tones. Its deep cup shape, adorned with a coloured center, is surrounded by petals displaying a mesmerising blend of pink and peach hues. The velvety textures and graceful form of this rose beckon admirers, inviting them to immerse themselves in the ethereal allure of Princess Sakura's peach garden rose.

Colour: Peachy Pink
Average Bud Size: Medium
Scent Intensity :
Vase Life: Up to 6 days 

Designed for wholesale distribution by the grower, including leaves and thorns. Due to unpredictable air freight conditions, buyers should anticipate a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage upon purchase. Conditioning is required upon receipt.