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Princess Kishi

Bundle: 10 Stems
  • $44.00

Princess Kishi, also known as "Long and Happy Life," is a Japanese garden rose meticulously bred for the emperor. This exceptional rose variety showcases an unmistakable and remarkable appearance. Its frilly petals, characterised by a vivid dark pink hue, form a large and impeccably rounded flower. As this exquisite bloom unfolds, it may reveal a captivating surprise at its core—a vibrant button of chartreuse stamens that adds a unique touch of intrigue and contrast. Princess Kishi stands as a truly remarkable and striking specimen in the world of roses.

Colour: Cerise/Magenta

Average Bud Size: Medium

Scent Intensity : None

Designed for wholesale distribution by the grower, including leaves and thorns. Due to unpredictable air freight conditions, buyers should anticipate a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage upon purchase. Conditioning is required upon receipt.