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Cream Yves Piaget

Discover the luxurious beauty of Cream Yves Piaget roses, a stunning variation of the classic Yves Piaget rose. From the Meilland Jardin & Parfum collection, this rose features creamy white petals with a delicate blush of pink on the tips and a rich, heavenly fragrance.

With its full, round, peony-like bloom and long-lasting vase life, Cream Yves Piaget is perfect for any occasion, especially when you want the look of peonies all year round. These roses are carefully cultivated in the fertile soils of Kenya, ensuring you receive the freshest and highest quality blooms.

Experience the elegance and sophistication of Cream Yves Piaget roses, and add a touch of luxury to your home or event.

Colour: Cream 

Type: Single Head per Stem

Scent Level  : Strong

Packing : In 10 Stems

*Designed for wholesale distribution by the grower, including leaves and thorns. Due to unpredictable air freight conditions, buyers should anticipate a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage upon purchase. Conditioning is required upon receipt.

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