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Caramel Antike

Bundle: 10 Stems
  • $44.00

Caramel Antike, with its numerous petals, is a stunning rose resembling a cabbage in shape, and it emits a gentle fragrance. The petals exhibit a beautiful range of hues, transitioning from honey-yellow to apricot, with delicate pink tinges towards the center. This rose possesses an extraordinary quality, occasionally appearing as a nearly canary yellow or a peachy/pink shade.

Genetically related to Romantic Antike, Caramel Antike embodies the essence of the cabbage roses depicted in the paintings of the old Dutch masters. Not only does Caramel Antike boast an extended vase life, but its size also makes it ideal for floral arrangements. It blends harmoniously in bouquets featuring soft-coloured flowers, thanks to its distinct coloration, which allows for easy pairing with various stems.

Colour: Yellow

Average Bud Size: Medium

Scent Intensity : Mild

Vase Life: Up to 4 days 

Designed for wholesale distribution by the grower, including leaves and thorns. Due to unpredictable air freight conditions, buyers should anticipate a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage upon purchase. Conditioning is required upon receipt.